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Growing makets and oppurunity market


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Growing makets and oppurunity market

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 30, 2016 3:57 pm

Hello everyone.

Advice would be appreciated.

I was thinking of starting a business and I dont have a college education and not much knowledge of business. But I have will and commitment. And im young.

Could someone answer me on what would be smarter to do either open a internet company or a actual company. Keep in mind I have a 8 dollar per hour job and in-and-out. So cheap is good. Also I have friends who have technical know how actual programming skills for the internet. One of my friends sells a lot of clothes on ebay and has his own store on their. He wants to start a company to so I can probably partner with him on something.

I like the internet because its global already and its cheap to start a webpage. And I have computer knowledge but not technical skills of programming which I find tedious.

And does anyone know where I can find information on Markets with a lot of opportunity and potential growth.

I want to be really successful and make a lot of income. So I can keep on growing and invest and other stuff.

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